The onboard surveyor

A PPK solution for drone-mapping

What It Is

DROBIT is a high-accuracy positioning system for performing drone-based photogrammetry. Its operating principle is based in differential correction of GNSS kinematic trajectories. DROBIT has been designed to be mounted on board of an RPA to geotag the pictures with an accurate position and timestamp. DROBIT enables to perform photogrammetric surveys without the need for ground control points with an average accuracy around 3cm.

Applications range from topography to precision agriculture.

DROBIT is not just a device, but a turn-key geomatic solution formed by a combination of hardware, software and geomatic methods, packed in a shell with barely 50 grams of weight.





Rover module An OEM board bundled with different mounting parts kits

Base module A device enclosed in an appropriate box for selthering the electronics and battery, and a thread for mounting it on standard surveying tripod or pole. Battery life extends to 8 hours. It can be replaced by other survey grade GPS receiver outputting RINEX data (5hz or more)

DROBIT PPK A software to ease the postprocessing of the logs and pictures taken from the flight with a drag&drop interface. You can geotag the pictures, generate reports to asses the quality of your data, KMLs of the flight and lists of picture's names with their corresponding coordinate, timestamp and accuracy



For Photogrammetrists

For developers



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DROBIT has been developed by a team with broad experience in the field of RPAS coming from aerospace and geomatics industry


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